MobSur is a developer-friendly, event-driven user feedback platform.

To get started with MobSur, go to and simply register by filling in your basic information as well as the name of the mobile application which will use our platform.

In this documentation you will find how to setup and launch your surveys from the dashboard and how to integrate them in your mobile app.

Follow the links below to bring your users experience to the next level.

Quick start with the dashboard

In this guide you will find information on how to create your surveys and all the available options to make it look and feel just like your native app.

Developer section

For the integration in our mobile application we have 3 different SDKs.

If you need more information

If the information in this guide is not enough and you need more information, you can reach out our support team:

We are always happy to hear more about your experience with MobSur and how to deliver even better experience to your and your users.